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Aluminum Factory

Michael Brooks Consulting, LLC

Safety, Health, Environmental and Risk Management Expertise

Michael Brooks Consulting, LLC, is an established consulting firm with roots in Safety, Health, Environmental and Risk Management yet broad experience across a variety of executive disciplines. Our team is committed to not only identifying and implementing systems to mitigate risk, achieve compliance and resolve challenges but also to integrate such systems into the manufacturing and daily operations seamlessly utilizing lean manufacturing tools. MBC works with your organization, from executive leadership and strategic drivers to tactical support and front-line leadership tasked with the execution of your strategy and daily operations. Leveraging human performance principles, the MBC team develops roles, expectations and accountablities to ensure continued success.

Set apart by the invaluable and varied experiences of its specialists, MBC has deep technical competencies in the following areas, along with a particular knowledge of the unique challenges present in a heavy manufacturing environment: 


• Quality Systems and Metallurgical Measurement

• Sales & Operations Planning

• Lean Manufacturing

• Project Management


• Customer Protection

• Management and Union Relations

• Dispute Resolutions


• Energy Policy Risk Management in partnership with DFC

Energy Strategies (

• Plant Protection strategy and system development with risk


• Combustible and Explosive Dust Management

• Fire Prevention, Protection, Security, and Emergency

Response Assessments


• Environmental compliance and sustainability

• Industrial Hygiene

• EHS Audits and Assessments

• Catastrophic Investigation with Root Cause Analysis

• Energy Strategies

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