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Michael Brooks, CSP

With over 35 years of experience, Mike established MBC in 2010 to serve companies striving for Safety, Health, Environmental, and Risk Management excellence.


With a focus on leadership and systems and an eye for safety, Mike trains and coaches in the moment, leaving clients equipped to continue implementation and improvement on the safety strategies developed. A natural problem-solver, Mike breaks down the complex into manageable elements, prioritizing the next 3 steps.

While with Alcoa, Mike led implementation of fatality prevention and significant injury reduction systems. As a result of their engagement with Mike, Reynolds Consumer products clarified Roles, Expectations and Accountabilities and successfully deployed enhanced safety systems to reduce injuries and prevent fatalities.

Mike possesses expertise in:

  • Safety Leadership and Systems

  • Strategic and Tactical Plan Development and Deployment

  • Visual Daily Safety Management

  • Catastrophic Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis

  • Customer Protection and Business Continuity Planning

  • EHS Management Systems

  • Human Performance Concepts

  • Plant Protection, Fire Protection, Emergency Response, Medical, and Security


Outside of the office, Mike volunteers for the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Scott County Emergency Agency mobile command system. He also works the sound board at his local church, where he attends with Nita, his wife of 38 years. ​

Buddy Brady

Buddy’s core competencies include: 

  • Deployment of EHS Systems

  • Risk Assessment & OSHA Compliance

  • EHS Audit Preparation


Tracy Aston

Tracy’s core competencies include: 

  • Lockout, Tagout Protocols

  • Fall Prevention, Loss Prevention

  • Compliance

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Buddy Brady

Buddy’s core competencies include: 

  • Deployment of EHS Systems

  • Risk Assessment & OSHA Compliance

  • EHS Audit Preparation


Judi Caldwell-Kuntz, CIH, CSP

Judi’s core competencies include: 

  • Safety Leadership

  • Safety and Health Systems

  • Safety Program Development


David F. Ciarlone, PE

David’s core competencies include: 


  • Energy Policy as Critical Business Strategy 

  • Energy strategy development for a location or a business 

  • Tariff structures, rate analysis, and wholesale markets


Paul Crosser

Paul’s core competencies include: 

  • Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) 

  • Process Waste Management 

  • Compliance

Harold Grossman.jpg

Harold Grossman, CSP, CHMM

Harold’s core competencies include: 


  • Combustible Dust Management

  • Plant & Fire Protection

  • Customer Protection Planning

Gary Jones

Gary’s core competencies include: 


  • Visual Daily Safety Management

  • Human Performance Advocate & Coach

  • Molten Metal Safety

Dana Kessler

Dana’s core competencies include: 


  • Labor Solutions, Management Training & Dispute Resolutions 

  • Union Avoidance & Management / Union Relations

  • Crisis Communication & Business Continuity Planning

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Ron Snider

Ron’s core competencies include: 


  • Labor Relations Solutions

  • Management/Union Relations Training

  • Dispute Resolutions

Pat Knight

Pat’s core competencies include: 


  • Loss Analysis & Solutions Development

  • Workers' Comp Return to Work Program

  • Ergonomics


Bob Lenney

Bob’s core competencies include: 


  • Environmental Strategy 

  • Compliance 

  • Sustainability Reporting

Kent Young Photo_edited.png

Kent Young

Kent's Core Competencies include:


  • Molten Metal Treatment

  • Multi-Site and Cross Functional Quality Deployment

  • Quality Leadership and Coaching

Jamie Mackay.jpg

Jamie Mackay, PE​

Jamie's core competencies include:


  • Environmental Strategy

  • Sustainability Reporting

  • Environmental Auditing & Permitting


Chris Moore

Chris's core competencies include:


  • Environmental Tactical Support

  • Compliance Assessment & Risk Reduction

  • Air Permitting


Joe Peterson

Joe's core competencies include:


  • Capital Expenditures & Project Management

  • Combustible Dust Management

  • Major Incident Management, Investigation and Root Cause Analysis

Jeff Richardt (1).JPG

Jeff Richardt

Jeff's core competencies include:

  • Plant & Fire Protection

  • Security & Loss Control

  • Fire System Assessments


Fritz Sadtler, CSP

Fritz's core competencies include:

  • Safety Leadership

  • Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

  • EHS Auditing


Joe Shadle

Joe's core competencies include:

  • Manufacturing employee development at all levels

  • Business planning, manufacturing economics and pricing strategies 

  • Production and Maintenance Operations


Leslie Shuman

Leslie's core competencies include:

  • Sales and Marketing Strategy

  • Sales and Operations Planning

  • Lean Manufacturing


Ron Snider

Ron's core competencies include:

  • Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) 

  • Process Waste Management 

  • Compliance 


Roy Wennlund

Roy's core competencies include:

  • Retail, commercial, and industrial real estate

  • Merger, Acquisitions, Negotiations and Legal Considerations

  • Expansion, site utilization planning, permitting and entitlements

Kent Young Photo_edited.png

Kent Young

Kent's core competencies include:

  • Molten Metal Treatment

  • Multi-Site and Cross Functional Quality Deployment

  • Quality Leadership and Coaching