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Danilo Gutierrez, M.S., CSP

Danilo Gutierrez is a highly experienced EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) professional with a remarkable career spanning over four decades. He has successfully developed and implemented EHS programs across various industries, including aerospace, pharmaceutical, high-speed manufacturing, extrusion, thermoforming, injection molding, robotics, construction, chemical plants (chlorine, chemical milling), and Off-shore Operations in the Gulf of Mexico.


With his extensive international EHS experience in Mexico, Danilo has demonstrated his proficiency in navigating diverse regulatory environments and ensuring compliance with local regulations. Alongside OSHA programs, he has excelled in injury prevention by implementing effective employee learning initiatives, fostering behavioral change, and identifying and stopping unsafe behaviors.


Danilo has provided comprehensive support to multiple manufacturing plants, overseeing up to 20 plants and large warehouses spanning over 900,000 square feet. As an OSHA Process Safety Auditor and PHA Lead, he has displayed a keen understanding of process safety and risk assessment methodologies. 


His bilingual capabilities, fluently speaking, reading, and writing Spanish, have proven invaluable in facilitating communication and collaboration across multicultural teams and stakeholders. He is also comfortable working at all levels of the organization, with particular emphasis on training the trainers and equipping leadership teams for safety excellence.

Clients appreciate his deep expertise in the following areas:

  • OSHA compliance, including the development and implementation of OSHA written programs

  • Machine guarding, confined space and lockout-tagout program assessments

  • Chemical management and hazard communication

  • Leadership training on safety program development and execution.

When he is not championing EHS in the organizations he serves, Danilo enjoys traveling, working out and salsa dancing with his wife.

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