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Dmitri Sheets

For nearly four decades, Dmitri Sheets has been helping manufacturing plants, including several Fortune 500 companies, continuously optimize processes with an eye towards both safety and quality.

Molten metal processing, including melting, alloying, filtration, degassing, grain refining, and casting have been a center point of much of his work. However, whether working as a Metallurgist, Quality Manager, Technical Manager, Production Manager or Plant Manager, Dmitri’s curiosity allows him to identify connections between events or outcomes that others often do not immediately perceive. In one instance, this curiosity led to a breakthrough process enhancement for drying compounds in a photo-engraving plant.

Another key aspect of Dmitri’s work that clients and colleagues appreciate is his ability to develop solutions that benefit the people that actively engage with that point in the process so that the work is easier, making for more desirable solutions that are easily followed on a consistent basis.

He is also battle-tested in the area of crisis management and has even done graduate-level research on how manufacturing businesses can emerge stronger through crisis.

Over his career, Dmitri has honed expertise in the following areas:

  • Aluminum

  • Casthouse

  • Quality Systems

  • DC & Twin Roll Casting

  • Billet

  • Sheet Ingot

  • Customer Support

  • Crisis Management

  • Process Development

When he is not applying his vast experience in manufacturing environments on behalf of his clients, Dmitri and his wife enjoy traveling and spending time with their grandchildren.

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