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Mike Brooks

Michael Brooks

With over 35 years of experience, Mike established MBC in 2010 to serve companies striving for Safety, Health, Environmental, and Risk Management excellence.   

With a focus on leadership and systems and an eye for safety, Mike trains and coaches in the moment, leaving clients equipped to continue implementation and improvement on the safety strategies developed. A natural problem-solver, Mike breaks down the complex into manageable elements, prioritizing the next 3 steps.

While with Alcoa, Mike led implementation of fatality prevention and significant injury reduction systems. As a result of their engagement with Mike, Reynolds Consumer products clarified Roles, Expectations and Accountabilities and successfully deployed enhanced safety systems to reduce injuries and prevent fatalities. 

Mike possesses expertise in: 


  • Safety Leadership and Systems 

  • Strategic and Tactical Plan Development and Deployment

  • Visual Daily Safety Management 

  • Catastrophic Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis  

  • Customer Protection and Business Continuity Planning

  • EHS Management Systems 

  • Human Performance Concepts  

  • Plant Protection, Fire Protection, Emergency Response, Medical, and Security


Outside of the office, Mike volunteers for the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Scott County Emergency Agency mobile command system. He also works the sound board at his local church, where he attends with Nita, his wife of 38 years. 





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Buddy Brady

Buddy’s core competencies include: 

  • Deployment of EHS Systems

  • Risk Assessment & OSHA Compliance

  • EHS Audit Preparation

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Harold Grossman

With more than 30 years of Safety, Health and Environmental Risk Management, Harold Grossman excels in designing and implementing systems to change people-dependent processes into system-dependent processes. He has built a successful career by leveraging prevention tactics to help the companies he serves mitigate risk and achieve strategic advantage. 

Based on his extensive experience in global manufacturing, chemistry and laboratories, he  has developed a program for handling and preventing Combustible Dusts that has been successfully implemented at a leading Fortune 500 company. In fact, he is the co-author of the Aluminum Association booklet on combustible dust. 

Harold's focus on value-engineered solutions has saved his clients thousands. In one case, he presented a value-added alternative to a $3 million insurance recommendation with a $250,000 alternative that the insurance carrier accepted.

Harold has developed significant expertise in the following areas:   

  • Combustible Dust Management

  • Plant and Fire Protection

  • Emergency Response

  • Security

  • Safety Leadership and Systems

  • Major Incident Management, Investigation and Root Cause Analysis 

  • Risk Management and Loss Prevention

  • Business Continuity and Customer Protection Planning



When Harold is not hard at work preventing combustible dust incidents or improving plant operations for his clients, you may find him working on his farm, tackling a new electrical project or spending time with his wife, two grown children and young granddaughter. 

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Buddy Brady

With over 30 years of experience in the Safety, Health, and Environmental industry, Buddy Brady helps clients to feel confident in their team’s ability to develop, implement, and maintain a broad spectrum of safety, health and environmental programs at both the tactical and strategic levels.


In addition to being Chemical-terrorism Vulnerability Information/Chemical Security Assessment Training certified, he brings a proven track record—making significant reductions in injury rates, lost time incidents and landfill waste. He was instrumental in the setup of effective safety systems for Alcoa manufacturing plants in the United States, Russia, Europe, India and Mexico.


But what many clients find most refreshing about Buddy is that his years teaching prior to his transition to the SHE industry have given him a passion to educate along the way, ensuring that the front-line teams really know proper protocol once systems are implemented.


Buddy’s core competencies include:

  • Powered Industrial Vehicles

  • Electrical Safety

  • Risk Assessment

  • OSHA Compliance

  • Energy Isolation

  • Confined Space

  • Storm Water

  • Prevention of Fire/Explosion

  • Environmental Compliance

  • Incident Management

  • Fall Prevention/Protection

  • 5S/TPM

  • Contractor Safety

  • Waste Reduction

  • Machine Guarding

  • Management Systems

When he is not working hard for his clients, Buddy loves to travel—especially to the beach—and spend time with his wife of35 years, their two grown children and 3 grandchildren.

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Pat Knight

With over 30 years in the field of Safety, Health, Environmental, and Risk Management, as well as a background in property underwriting, Pat Knight offers creative, practical solutions to his client’s toughest SHE challenges.


During his time at Wolverine Worldwide, Inc., he managed a team of professionals who reduced the company’s loss experience by 46%. Pat also led the revision of the risk assessment process at Dawn Food Products. His diverse range of industry experiences, including food manufacturing and distribution; steel manufacturing, cutting, welding, painting; aerospace; as well as shoe and apparel manufacturing, both domestically and internationally, give him a keen focus on finding solutions that work to achieve safety and business goals.


Throughout his career, Pat has obtained extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Loss analysis and focused solution development

  • Workers' compensations return to work programs

  • Ergonomics

  • Machine Guarding

  • Security

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Training program development, delivery, assessment and follow-up

  • OSHA programs

  • Compliance


Outside of the office, Pat loves hiking, fishing, and kayaking. He has been married for nearly 45 years and enjoys spending time with his wife, 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren.

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Gary Jones

With over 30 years of experience, Gary Jones is passionate about pursuing safety excellence. He possesses an eye for safety and is able to easily translate that into teachable moments to ensure 
that all levels of the organization take ownership in reducing risk. 

Gary's approach to risk mitigation through coaching and mentorship, with its emphasis on human performance principles, leaves clients well-equipped to continue implementation and improvement on the safety strategies developed. 

While working with a Fortune 500 manufacturing company, Gary achieved significant reduction in recordable injuries through the safety systems he implemented. Additionally, he has assisted in securing and maintaining compliance in key areas of the plant operations. 

Gary has proven experience in incident investigation and root cause analysis. He can also provide training on incident management and investigation. 

 Gary has developed significant expertise in: 

  • Safety Leadership and Systems 

  • Visual Daily Safety Management 

  • Catastrophic Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis  

  • Human Performance Concepts  

  • Environmental  Management  Systems  

  • Auditing and Compliance Assessments

  • Web-based EHS Systems Management

  • Contractor and Construction Safety

  • International Operations

  • Molten Metal Safety 

Outside of work, Gary enjoys hunting and fishing in bass tournaments alongside his wife of 38 years, as well as watching their 10 grandkids' sports games.

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Jamie MacKay

Jamie is a versatile engineering professional with expertise in environmental compliance and sustainability. She enjoys working with organizations that value environmental excellence, view sustainability as a business advantage, and want to improve their performance in these areas.  

Her clients benefit from her decades of experience as well as a Six Sigma Black Belt in Lean Manufacturing, both of which allow her to seamlessly integrate strong Environmental, Health, and Safety programs into the manufacturing process and daily management systems. 

 As an EHS professional with Alcoa Inc./Arconic, Jamie led audits worldwide, conducted EHS assessments for acquisitions and divestitures, provided investigation support to the Legal Department, delivered EHS support to Remediation Operations, and provided technical consulting and integration support to various locations. She led the company’s efforts on sustainability reporting and EHS systems to ensure that internal systems were in place to support the achievement of sustainability goals.

Jamie has deep technical competencies in the following areas:


  • Environmental Strategy

  • Compliance 

  • Sustainability Reporting  

  • Sustainability reputation questionnaires and customer surveys 

  • Environmental Auditing 

  • Permitting

When she is not working hard on behalf of her clients, Jamie enjoys family trips with her four children to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, especially hiking and sampling local food and beverages.

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Chris Moore

With over 25 years of diverse experience in the environmental industry, Chris Moore delivers a strategic advantage for clients in need of strong environmental strategy and tactical support. Drawing upon his extensive knowledge of manufacturing, including metals, mining, smelting, aerospace, chemical, and paper, as well as government affairs, community affairs, and sustainability, Chris partners with clients to maintain profitability and growth opportunities in a complicated regulatory world. 

During his time at Alcoa Inc./Arconic, Chris reduced compliance risks through multi-site environmental consulting, compliance management, permitting (with a focus on air) and auditing. He also led public affairs and legislative initiatives to local and regional stakeholder groups (regulatory agencies, NGOs, and legislators). He has shaped and implemented global sustainability and climate strategy, ISO14001 environmental management systems, and metrics systems. 

Throughout his career, Chris has developed deep technical competencies in the following areas:

  • Air permitting (Title V, PSD, NESHAP, MACT)

  • Environmental sustainability strategy

  • Environmental Management Systems (ISO14001)

  • Environmental reporting 

  • Compliance assessment and risk reduction

  • Environmental auditing 

  • Phase 1 Environmental Assessment

  • Environmental process improvements and tactical support 

In his downtime, Chris enjoys hiking, fishing and exploring the outdoors with his wife and 3 children. He also serves at his local church. 

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Fritz Sadtler

With almost 39 years of demonstrated excellence in the field of Safety, Health and Environmental Management, Fritz Sadtler has the expertise needed to analyze and improve your company’s safety standards without interrupting operations.  

Passionate about safety and driven to improve through continuous assessment and feedback, Fritz can help you calibrate your existing programs to achieve strategic advantage through optimal safety practices. 

Capable of balancing production and safety needs, Fritz provides his clients with practical solutions grounded in regulation. He is adept at working with a wide range of employees from the manufacturing floor to executives in order to ensure successful implementation and ongoing sustainability of established safety programs.  

Throughout his career in corporate Safety, Health and Environmental Management, Fritz has developed significant expertise in the following areas: 

  • Safety Leadership    

  • Safety and Health Systems    

  • Safety Program Development    

  • Major Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis    

  • Safety and Health Auditing    

  • Safety Training    

  • Hazard Identification, 

  • Risk Assessment and Control    

When he is not pursuing safety excellence for his clients, you may find Fritz aboard his 24-year-old sailboat or volunteering with Family Promise of Hendricks County, a local nonprofit that assists the homeless. Married for 39 years, he is the proud father of three sons and even prouder grandfather of two.

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Jeff Richardt

Jeffrey Richardt brings almost forty years of fire prevention and firefighting experience to his role with MBC Systems Integration. His vast experience includes three years working in Middle East applications. 

Jeffrey has a track record of successful implementations of internal fire departments and establishment of training programs for employees in a wide range of manufacturing environments. 

Jeffrey combines extensive education with many years of practical experience to help meet your company’s fire safety needs. Whether you need tactical support on the floor, assistance in developing appropriate lock-out, tag-out and confined space procedures or help in bringing your current fire protection systems up to NFPA standards, Jeffrey will work seamlessly with your team to address your unique safety needs .

Jeffrey has developed significant expertise in the following areas: 

  • Safety and Fire Protection

  • Combustible Dust Control

  • Security and Loss Prevention

  • Confined Space Rescues

  • Fire Systems Assessments

  • Compliance to NFPA Standard

  • Training and Development of Standard Operating Procedures

  • Hazardous Materials Protocols

  • Emergency Response Assessments


When Jeffrey is not actively working to improve the safety of the plants he serves, he can be found volunteering at his local fire department or building a home with Habitat for Humanity. He also enjoys working on cars with his adult sons, playing with his four grandkids or hiking and kayaking with his wife of 45 years. 

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Ron Snider

Ron Snider is a seasoned labor relations consultant with 37 years experience in Human Resources and Labor Relations for a global fortune 500 company and a proven track record of successful resolution of labor relation issues.  An expert in cultivating positive working relationships with management and employees, Ron develops solutions to complex problems directly impacting businesses.  

He has successfully implemented continuous work schedules that were cost neutral and enhanced the business through productivity and performance gains. Additionally, he headed the customer protection planning efforts for master contracts at 10 sites simultaneously. 

Ron has negotiated Collective Bargaining Agreements, provided union avoidance training, and conducted final step grievance hearings

A Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration combined with vast experience in Human Resources and Labor Rela
tions provides the foundation for Ron's expertise and broad knowledge in the following areas: 

  • Labor Solutions

  • Management Training

  • Dispute Resolutions 

  • Union Avoidance

  • Management / Union Relations

  • Investigations  

  • Business Continuity Planning

When Ron is not hard at work  meeting the unique Labor Relations needs of his clients, he loves traveling, especially to the Caribbean, playing golf, working in his yard and just being outdoors.  He is happily married and enjoys visiting his grown children and grandkids.  

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