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Gary Jones

With over 30 years of experience, Gary Jones is passionate about pursuing safety excellence. He possesses an eye for safety and is able to easily translate that into teachable moments to ensure that all levels of the organization take ownership in reducing risk.

Gary's approach to risk mitigation through coaching and mentorship, with its emphasis on human performance principles, leaves clients well-equipped to continue implementation and improvement on the safety strategies developed.

While working with a Fortune 500 manufacturing company, Gary achieved significant reduction in recordable injuries through the safety systems he implemented. Additionally, he has assisted in securing and maintaining compliance in key areas of the plant operations.

Gary has proven experience in incident investigation and root cause analysis. He can also provide training on incident management and investigation.

 Gary has developed significant expertise in: 

  • Safety Leadership and Systems 

  • Visual Daily Safety Management 

  • Catastrophic Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis  

  • Human Performance Concepts  

  • Environmental  Management  Systems  

  • Auditing and Compliance Assessments

  • Web-based EHS Systems Management

  • Contractor and Construction Safety

  • International Operations

  • Molten Metal Safety 

Outside of work, Gary enjoys hunting and fishing in bass tournaments alongside his wife of 38 years, as well as watching their 10 grandkids' sports games.

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