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Greg Kountz

With nearly four decades of manufacturing operations and supply chain management experience, Greg Kountz has the skills MBC clients need to ensure business continuity and operational excellence. His knowledge of lean manufacturing concepts, honed negotiation skills and mastery of supply chain management has allowed him to achieve significant cost savings over the course of his career.


He was able to achieve $3.5M in savings through the elimination of invoice and PO documents. He also successfully eliminated 12 positions to achieve a $1.4M annual savings by centralizing and outsourcing storeroom staffing. He has successfully navigated a 210-day lockout for a Fortune 500 company, ensuring continuity of services and a favorable negotiation outcome. His contingency planning helped that same company later navigate a 105-day strike.

As these career highlights demonstrate, Greg’s real strength lies in his ability to find common ground amongst various groups and his willingness to roll up his sleeves and get to work until a solution is achieved.

Greg possesses deep expertise in the following areas:

• Business Continuity and Contingency Planning
• Manufacturing Operations Strategy
• Supply Chain Management
• Labor Relations and Negotiations
• Maintenance Planning

When he is not working on behalf of his clients to find practical solutions to their toughest manufacturing operations challenges, Greg enjoys riding his side-by-side with his wife Michele and visiting their three adult sons.

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