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Joe Shadle

MBC clients benefit from the wide range of knowledge in manufacturing that Joe Shadle brings to their projects, expertise he has gained over nearly 4 decades of working on the floor, in management positions and within the area of marketing and pricing strategy for a growing manufacturing industry.


With a proven track record of improving and upholding rigorous safety standards, increasing productivity and throughput by employing LEAN manufacturing and continuous improvement principles and maximizing profitability by applying manufacturing economics to strategic pricing decisions, Joe is able to achieve incredible results for his manufacturing clients.


As a department roll manager, Joe led a team to significantly reduce injuries and ultimately achieve 1-year plus of injury-free work. As a cold-rolling supervisor for a Fortune 500 manufacturing company, he made vast improvements in production, removed bottlenecks and improved the quality performance of his division. Additionally, he developed a competitive marketing and pricing strategy which allowed that same plant to grow production in an emerging industry fourfold.


Joe has the professional experience to enhance many aspects of the manufacturing operation, from frontlines to process improvements driven at the management level to competitive price analysis for maximizing ROI.


He possesses deep expertise in:

  • Manufacturing employee development at all levels

  • Kaizen improvement and LEAN manufacturing tools 

  • Manufacturing economics and pricing strategies 

  • Production and Maintenance Operations

  • Environmental,Health, Safety Systems

  • Business planning, specifically for emerging manufacturing markets

When he is not busy putting the above skill sets to work for his clients, Joe enjoys horseback riding in the mountains with his wife, Kelly, and spending time with their two grown daughters and four grandchildren.

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