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Paul Crosser

Paul is a dedicated Environmental Health and Safety professional with deep expertise in the areas of waste reduction and compliance. His decades of experience in the tire retreading industry make him the ideal resource to consult on any air pollution control permits process and ancillary material modifications as well as effective waste recycling strategies. 

Paul has appeared at air quality rule workshops affecting tire retreaders, as well as public hearings involving tire retreading plant openings and rule variances. During his career, he successfully reduced tire retreading process VOC emissions by 85% and implemented measures to decrease harmful chemicals into the product line and eliminate solvent-based envelope liner lubricant. 


His environmental expertise is not limited to the tire retreading industry. In his past roles, he oversaw start up of a $30 MM wastewater treatment plant, implemented conversion to low VOC baking enamels in metal finishing, and initiated a company wide EHS conference. 

Clients reap the benefits of Paul's practical approach to teaching and implementing appropriate safety programs, as well as finding innovative compliance solutions that achieve the organizations strategic objectives. 

Paul has deep technical competencies in the following areas: 

  • Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) 

  • Process Waste Management 

  • Compliance 

  • Sustainability Reporting 

  • Environmental Auditing and Permitting 


When he is not working hard on behalf of his clients, Paul enjoys spending time with his grandkids as well as volunteering with the Muscatine Pollinator project, an organization that helps to restore native habitat.

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