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Rob McCormack

With more than three decades of manufacturing operations experience, Rob McCormack is well-versed at implementing practical solutions that maximize productivity and profitability in a wide-range of plant environments.

From planning and logistics to optimization and structured problem-solving, Rob works tirelessly to protect his client’s bottomline.

At one Fortune 500 company, he led a foil spooling optimization team that resulted in doubling production output over one year by using structured problem solving methodology to reduce downtime and improving labor efficiency. Utilizing the same strategy, he was also able to reduce quality defects (edge cracks) in aluminum coil sheet by two thirds, increase runtime by more than 90 minutes a day through reducing coil turnaround times by 25% and implement a myriad of continuous improvement systems to ensure optimal performance continued in any plant he served.

In addition to trouble-shooting existing plant inefficiencies, Rob is able to optimize production planning to mitigate production pain points during new plant construction.

He also has vast experience in inventory planning and logistics, having overseen supply planning and inventory for more than $900 million worth of consumer packaged goods business.

Over the course of his career, Rob has developed deep expertise in the following areas:

• Logistics planning
• Standard Work design
• Root cause analysis
• Structured problem solving
• Continuous improvement
• Workflow analysis
• Supply Chain Management

When he isn’t busy putting these skills to work for his clients, Rob enjoys golfing, gardening and travel, as well as spending time with his wife of 45 years and their two grown children.

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