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Ron Snider

Ron Snider is a seasoned labor relations consultant with 37 years experience in Human Resources and Labor Relations for a global fortune 500 company and a proven track record of successful resolution of labor relation issues. An expert in cultivating positive working relationships with management and employees, Ron develops solutions to complex problems directly impacting businesses.

He has successfully implemented continuous work schedules that were cost neutral and enhanced the business through productivity and performance gains. Additionally, he headed the customer protection planning efforts for master contracts at 10 sites simultaneously.

Ron has negotiated Collective Bargaining Agreements, provided union avoidance training, and conducted final step grievance hearings.

A Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration combined with vast experience in Human Resources and Labor Relations provides the foundation for Ron's expertise and broad knowledge in the following areas:

  • Labor Solutions

  • Management Training

  • Dispute Resolutions

  • Union Avoidance

  • Management / Union Relations

  • Investigations

  • Business Continuity Planning

When Ron is not hard at work meeting the unique Labor Relations needs of his clients, he loves traveling, especially to the Caribbean, playing golf, working in his yard and just being outdoors. He is happily married and enjoys visiting his grown children and grandkids.

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