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Sharon J Shoppell

With more than three decades of industry experience, Sharon Shoppell has cultivated a passion for Environmental, Health and Safety by helping heavy manufacturing firms embrace the strategic business benefits that program improvements can offer.

She is particularly skilled at understanding the client’s needs and providing breakthrough solutions to improve EHS programs by applying her extensive knowledge of environmental compliance requirements.

During her time at Arconic, she led newly acquired locations in improving their environmental compliance program which resulted in all locations successfully completing their corporate EHS audits. She also assisted locations in the implementation of the compliance task manager system, which reduced environmental compliance errors.

With a knack for coaching and teaching at all levels of the organization, her clients benefit from a total lift in Environmental knowledge. Additionally, Sharon is detail-oriented and experienced at working with regulators to ensure satisfactory compliance is reached.

Sharon has deep technical expertise in the following:


  • Environmental Strategy

  • Compliance

  • Sustainability Reporting

  • Metal Industry Specific Environmental Regulations

  • Environmental Auditing

  • Permitting

When Sharon is not busy helping her clients reach their EHS compliance goals, she enjoys rowing, gardening, paddle boarding and spending time with her husband, David and their two teenage sons.

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